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School of Theatre

Theatre Programs

The School of Theatre consists of a Musical Theatre and Production & Design Program. Students will explore the foundations of singing, acting, and dancing for musical theatre at the professional level while developing their highest caliber of performance in musical theatre. Working and playing individually and in groups, students will become immersed in the experience of heightened language, physical expression, and a uniquely rewarding process of acting. Students will experience workshops that focus on creative physical expression, vocal exploration with text and music, ensemble acting, and a variety of fun techniques aimed toward liberating the theatrical imagination. Courses Include: Private Voice Lesson, Private Acting Lesson Group Master Classes, Alexander Technique, Movement & Dance Technique, Acting the Song, Acting the Monologue, Diction, Broadway Dance Repertoire, and Artistic Seminars (i.e., posture and breath for singing, authentic storytelling in song and movement, and audition techniques).

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 Musical Theatre Program

The Musical Theatre Program offers a rigorous and comprehensive course of study for serious musical theatre students in grades 6 through 12, who aspire to achieve a career on stage, in film and television, or in the recording arts. Students are exposed to classes in a variety of styles, including acting technique, vocal technique, vocal performance, audition technique, musical theatre history, keyboard, music theory, musicianship, pop vocal, stage movement and combat, and stage makeup. Musical Theatre students are provided with one-of-a-kind opportunities to meet, work with, and learn from renowned guest artists and alumni, university faculty, and industry leaders.

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Production & Design Program

The Production & Design Program offers students in grades 6 through 12 the opportunity to study the arts and crafts used in the entertainment industry. For every performer on stage, there are several artists working behind the scenes. Under the direction of industry professionals, students in the Production & Design Program are transformed into these behind-the-scenes artists, taking courses in scenery, costumes, makeup, lighting, audio, props, stage management, theatre history, and acting. Production & Design faculty members are committed to developing well-rounded theatre artists, who understand both the practical and the theoretical aspects of the process of design, as well as construction and implementation. These learning goals are accomplished through the conservatory’s extensive course curriculum, laboratory experiences, and production assignments.

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